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  • How to Wear Tie-Dye

    First made popular in the psychedelic ‘60s and ‘70s, tie-dye has been around for decades and is back in style this season. Swirly, twirly colors – especially pastels, blues, and ombré shades – are a popular summer pattern for tops, dresses, and even shoes. So go ahead and get groovy, baby, and watch Sydne Summer show us how to style the chic tie-dye trend…

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  • Back to School: Personalize the Dress Code

    You know this struggle all too well. Another school year means another year of phases and crazes that kids and teens just HAVE to have for their back-to-school gear. Check out our tips and tricks on how to accessorize your kids dress code without going full-on Elsa.

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  • Men: Summer Hats

    Sunglasses aren’t the only way to shade those eyes, fellas. A hat will not only keep you cool and shield you from the sun’s rays, but hats are also stylish accessories that will instantly elevate your look. Here’s which hats will take your summer style up to the brim…

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